With the rain coming down in sheets today and the forecast not much better for the next couple of days, I'm glad I hopped on the bike for a ride to clear my head and chased the sun for a few hours earlier this week.
Despite a shower or two, we had a great ride to lunch at the Home Plate in Fairview. Of course, we took the long way to get there and rode some of our favorite early-spring roads. The last couple of weeks have been great for getting some saddle time.
Our plan was to have dinner at the Miner's Daughter, but we arrived to find the diner closed. They're only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Nevertheless, we still had a good ride and test run of my new Progressive 444 shocks and the Progressive Touring Link I've recently installed.
This time of year I'm not too picky about where we ride, as long as there is a ride. Fortunately, I ride with a couple of guys who feel the same way and our little loop through Tooele hit the spot.
Spring is here and it's time for some of the best riding of the season, if you can dodge the occasional spring storm—it is Utah after all. Did you ride last weekend? If you didn't you missed out on a great day in the saddle.